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7 -8 June: We left home Sunday morning, flew to Philadelphia, and took a non-stop in the afternoon arriving in Venice around 9 am Monday morning. It was very bright and clear with warm temperatures when we arrived.

Our "driver/guide" was waiting for us at the airport and guided us to a van to take us to the water taxi. There is no way we would have found our own way to the water taxis! Construction around the airport had us driving all around it seemed and we could see no clear signage and what was where! Of course we also had limited sleep on the way over (excited!), so mental faculties were not at the sharpest.

We arrived at the Bauer Il Palazzo about 10:30. We had traveled by water from the airport, thru canals, by the train station, and finally into the Grand Canal. It was a wonderful way to arrive to your hotel! The hotel is beautiful and conveniently located near St Mark's. It is easy walking to the shops and around the city as well.

Naturally we were too early for a room so we relaxed on the outdoor patio watching the gondolas and taxis, ate a bit of lunch, and then finally to our room. After we settled in and organized for the next few days, we headed down to the canal side restaurant at the hotel for dinner as the sun was beginning to set. Quite nice!

Tuesday we had breakfast and headed out to explore. We went into St Mark's Square and decided just to wander around as the Basilica lines were very long. The difference with this trip is that we were traveling in June when the schools are out and the tourists are at a peak. Last year in May it was a bit quieter. And we had been in to the Basilica and also the Doge's Palace.

We andered the streets and shops heading towards Campo Santo Stefano for a late lunch. We went to our favorite little restaurant for Spaghetti Carbonara and Spaghetti Bolognese. The place is Le Cafe. There are several resaturants in the Campo, but we have enjoyed this place several times over our two trips to Venice. Great food, excellent service, and reasonable (not hotel) prices. We highly recommend it.

As we wandered back towards the hotel we found a map print we liked, but no way to carry it back in the luggage without bending it. The store owner had no tubes, but gave us directions to an office supply store (Italian style!). As we followed the map we noticed Murano glass items and plates. We wanted to find a special piece of Murano glass. Our driver/guide when we arrived had advised not to go over to Murano island as the prices would be much higher and we could find anything we wanted right in Venice. He was right.

We found the tube for the print and also Marco Polo International - a Murano glass store. And we found a "special piece". A beautiful vase, one of a kind. We had it shipped home as it was not something we could carry in our hand luggage. Definately larger than a plate.

That evening we enjoyed a meal on the patio at the hotel and headed off to bed, ready to board the Silver Spirit and begin our cruise!

We left the hotel at noon on a water taxi with 3 other travelers. Two of them, Grant and Stephen, we got to know quite well during the trip to Istanbul. They were from Australia and wonderful people to get to visit with and get to know a bit.

We boarded the ship around 1 pm, relaxed on the pool deck with bite of lunch before going to our cabin. Unpack, boat drill, and we were ready to sail!

We enjoyed our first dinner on the ship at the Pool Grill with steak and shrimp. The evening was slightly warm, but very nice. Tomorrow we sail to Ravenna!

At Gate
A333 to Venice
In Philadelphia - At Gate for Flight to Venice
Plane is here!
We are on our way!
Carey's only time to see the Alps!
First View
Adriatic Sea
First view of Venice
Marco Polo International
Taking the water taxi
Arriving Marco Polo International
Our transfer guide points out buildings along the way
Taking the water taxi
Calatrava Bridge
View aong the canal
Ponte della Costituzione (Calatrava Bridge built in 2008)
Taking the water taxi
Taking the water taxi
Official Building
Entering the Grand Canal
Taking the water taxi
Arriving at Bauer Il Palazzo
Chiesa della Salute
Bauer Il Palazzo
Our room at the Bauer
Our room
Our room in the Buaer Il Palazzo
Different view of the room
View from our room
The bathroom
View of St Marks from our room!
Bar Patio at Bauer Il Palazzo
Randy - Our first dinner in Venice at Bauer Il Palazzo
View from our table
First full day in Venice- At Bauer Il Palazzo
Chiesa della Salute
Gondolas in the canal by the hotel
View of Chiesa della Salute
St Mark's Square
St Mark's Square
We're Here!!!
St Marks Basilica
Basilica Entrance
St Marks

St Marks

Close view of the frescos
Close view of the frescos
St Marks
ST Marks
Side entrances
Horses of St Mark's
La Torre del'lOrologia
San Giorgio
La Torre dell'Orologia - It was noon and the bells were ringing!
Chiesa San Giorgio
Marco Polo card Macro POlo Card Map
Nero's Aventura
Marco Polo International - great place to buy beautiful Murano glass - map is on the back of the card (separate picture) - Ask for Roberto
Nero's Aventura
Map of Venice
MS Zuiderdam MS Nieuw Amsterdam
Map of Venice - easy to make your way around
Two Holland America ships were in Venice when we were there - the Zuiderdam left 8 June and the Nieuw Amsterdam left a few hours before we did on the 10th.



Pre-Cruise Posting -

Amazing! We get the chance to return to Venice! We will travel in for two days in Venice before sailing. We had not had the time to really explore through St Mark's Basilica and some of it's treasures when we visited last year. And we'd love to go out to Murano Island without a guide and just wander the different glass shops there. So going in ahead of the cruise, assuring ourselves we will make the departure (of primary importance!), will also give us more time in this beautiful city. We overnighted on the ship last year. This time we will be in a hotel near St Mark's Square. An evening stroll in Venice sounds enchanting and dinner by the Grand Canal?


We will stay at the Bauer Il Palazzio for two nights before embarking on the Silver Spirit.

Bauer Il Palazzio
Bauer Il Palazzio
Pre-Cruise: Bauer Il Palazzio , Venice, Italy
Outdoor Restaurant

Photos from the hotel website




What we plan to do:

Two excursions on our list is to do a full tour of St Mark's Basilica and to take a water taxi over to Murano. When we visited last May St Mark's was undergoing significant exterior renovation. Hopefully they will be done when we visit in June.



ST Mark's

Map from Wikipedia. Photo by the Klugs May 2014






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