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15 June 2015 - As planned this port was a slow morning, wander off for a couple of hours around the very tiny "town"of Katakolon, and just relax.

There are three or four ships in port and most all of the cruisers were off to Olympia. As it was another hot, and windy day we were glad we had visited last year on a perfectly pleasant day!

We located the post office to mail some postcards and looked in some of the shops. We saw bronze helmets which we thought we might add to our collection of treasures. One store had reasonable prices, but the more we looked at the pieces, the less well made they seemed. Wander a bit more (like one more street!) and we see a gallery, with bronzes and other pieces. Quite a few cruisers from the Spirit were in the small shop and we'de found the higher quality works! After searching we finally settled on a bronze helmet with the Owl of Athena. It is handmade by the artist Kosta Semitekolo. He uses the lost wax technique and applies a ptina to give the look and feel of an antique helmet. Each piece is one of a kind. If you ever visit Katakolon stop by the Greek Art Gallery. Their website is www.olympiart.com and I see you can order direct from them.

Port of Katakolon - Not very big!
Silver Spirit docked in Katakolon
Bronze Helmet
Bronze Helmet
Bronze Helmet by Kosta Semitekolo
Helmet with flash to highlight the patina

The rest of the afternoon we relaxed on deck, played trivia, and then had dinner in the Stars Supper Club. Now there's a real treat - Stars was probably the best venue of our cruise. We ate there several times throughout and enjoyed every meal. The service was incredible. In fact, the head waiter noticed one night that in one of the dishes I had not eaten the fois gras. It's not something I like, so had set it aside. He noticed it left in the dish and asked me if in fact I did not like fois gras, verified, and then had it removed from any other dish it was included in for the rest of the meal! It did not change the flavor of the dish. It was this focus and attention to detail that had us return several times!

On to Santorini!!!



Pre-cruise Posts

The entrance port to visit Olympia! We visited here last year and took the tour to Olympia and the museum. It was wonderful and a great experience, however we do not necessarily need to go again. Katakolon appears to be a "sleepy" little port, but there can be several cruise ships in at the same time, so it could be a bit hectic if we are there and it's busy.

Katakolon Greece Port website describes the town as follows "Katakolon is a seaside town in western Ilia in the municipality of Pyrgos. The town center is within a gulf overlooking the Ionian Sea. Katakolon is situated on a peninsula and has a lighthouse found in the southwest. The Lighthouse of Katakolon was first opened in 1865 and the town has a population of 612 inhabitants."

This could be a day for a short visit to the town and perhaps a relaxing day by the pool!



What we plan to do:

Wander and relax!




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