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Silversea Silver Wind

We returned to the Silver Wind on 10 May 2014. Waiting at the end of the steps up to the ship was Colin Brown, the cruise director. We sailed with him and Captain Palmieri in 2012 and remembered him well. While I don't think he recalled exactly, he did recognize us and this started a wonderful dialogue with him throughout the cruise.

The ship was in wonderful condition and our room was in a great location for us. Amazingly we took very few pictures on the ship and we even failed to take lots of pictures of the friends we met! We will have to do better at that on the cruise next year!

We had the opportunity to have dinner with several of the ship's crew including Colin and Captain Palmieri. We enjoyed hosted dinners with Colin Brown, cruise director; Paulina, shore concierge; Captain Palmieri; Asta, cruise concierge; and the In Transits dinner with Colin, and Samantha, Hotel concierge.

Our favorite venues this cruise were the Restaurant and Hot Rocks. The meals in both venues were fantastic, as was the service. La Terraza was a favorite in 2012, but seemed to run the same menu two or three nights in a row and we were looking for more variety.

We enjoyed extraordinary service from our butler, Anu. Everyone called him the "Man with the Million Dollar Smile" - which was true. We've never been treated so special! He truly made the cruise smooth, from bringing coffee on time every morning; noticing when I caught a cold and brining tea and honey; preparing Randy's shoes and suit when we had dinner with the captain; and just saying hello and how are you every time he saw us. If we could choose a cruise based upon having Anu for our butler, we would do it!

The maitre d' and his team were all fantastic also. We got to know Anton well and he responded by always having a good table for us, as did the rest of his team. You'd think we were in the owner's suite! Nope - just normal. Another reason we love sailing on Silversea. Treat people as people!

We met quite a few great couples - some on the first segment and others on the second segment. Hopefully we will sail with some of them again, but we made fast friends with David and Lynn who came on board in Venice. Being of similar humors we found ourselves together quite a bit in the evenings and grew close. By the end of the cruise we were coordinating our time in Rome and talking about cruising again. As when we first met Amy and TJ in 2011, we enjoyed the quick build of friendship with them. We are looking forward to gettin all three couples together on the 2015 cruise - look out Silversea, here come the Crazy Six!

The most memorable evenings were the dinners with the Captain. We became acquainted with him throughout the first cruise and were invited to his table on formal night of the second cruise. Joining him were two British couples, and another gentleman from Britain, and us! It was a very interesting dinner as one couple was very much "he wants to be a lordship" and the second couple traveling with the gentleman were just normal folks! We had a lot of fun that evening. "Sir Peter" pushed on the Captain to host another dinner and serve Samboni (don't believe I spelled this correctly) - something he said was heavenly and no other Silversea captain had ever fulfilled his request! Goodness he had you know whats! But, we received a dinner invitation for the last night with the captain. He had someone make the dish, provided all the accompaniments of mashed potatoes, etc., brought home made wine in water bottles, and the most delicious antipasti we'd eaten! Now, I never will choose to eat the baked sausage like entree again, but I have tried it! The experience and the dinner was one we would not have missed, it was memorable in the best way!

After 18 nights on board we finally had to depart in Rome. It was sad to say farewell to our crew friends, but hopefully we will see them again soon!



Welcome Aboard!
The first Chronicles - our daily events paper
Randy always - Red Roses, even though it was not our anniversary!
The card
Silver Wind
Silver Wind
Silver Wind - holding position at Santorini as cannot anchor in the caldera
Silver Wind docked at Katakolon, Greece
Silver Wind
Silver Wind
Silver Wind docked in Corfu, Greece
Silver Wind docked in Venice, Italy
Captain Palmieri
Flags strung across the ship while docked in Venice - this is the beginning of the second cruise
Captain Michele Macarone Palmieri - at work!
David and Carey
Antonio Mendes, head Maitre D', Carey and Randy
David and Carey
BBQ Night and presentations by the captain
Best Wine!
Captain's Dinner
The BEST Wine is...homemade, brought on board by the captain in water bottles!!!
Captain's Farewell Dinner with Peter, Michael, Carey, Randy, Captain, Michael, Jill, and Gina



Pre-Cruise Posts

Sailing on the Silversea Silver Wind...Again!

We are returning to the Silver Wind for our next cruise in the Mediterranean and we are so excited. This will be like returning to your favorite place - comfortable and welcoming.





We've selected a verandah on deck 7 for this cruise. We know the ship so well from our last cruise that we realized this would be a great location.

Small ships make getting anywhere very easy and quick!

Nice space and good size veranda, perfect for our temporary "home"




Silver Wind Statistics:

Ship Type:

Cruise Ship

Gross Registered Tonnages:



514.14 ft


70.62 ft


20 knots









Inside Cabins:


Outside Cabins:








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