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We arrived in Katakolon, Greece around lunch time on the 14th. We enjoyed a slower morning than the past few days which was a nice. Katakolon is just a small seaside village, but it's the "gateway to Olympia". We joined our tour at 1:30pm and hopped on the bus for the drive.

Our guide took us to the museum first as it is easier to understand the site if you start there. She was right. After seeing the model of the site and looking at the exquisite pieces, you can almost see the athletes moving around the site and running in the stadium. The Olympic flame continues to be lit from the fire pit at Olympia.

There are numerous artifacts that have been discovered there. Bronzes, terracotta, marbles early 5th century BC to the Greek and Romans. The Hermes of Praxiteles was sculpted in 330 BC and is an extraordinary piece, on par with the David by Michaelangelo. The Helmet of Miltaides and the Bronze Horse are known pieces that were discovered here and are on display in the museum.

Although the Temple of Zeus is now a few columns and scattered pieces around the foundation, the figures in the pediments of the structure survived, mostly intact. The carving details are amazing to behold.

After we toured the museum we walked the path of Olympia and listened to the guide decribed the various buildings - the gymnasium, the baths, the Temple of Zeus and the Hearion and Philippeion. The stadium sits in a natural valley area which provided seating for the spectators.

We returned to the bus and headed into the new town of Olympia. THe town has grown due to tourism in the area. We wandered a few shops and then enjoyed a refreshing drink in a small restaurant before heading back to port. Once on the ship there was just enough time for a cocktail before dinner, then clean up! We ate in La Terraza this evening. We had enjoyed excellent italian food on our previous sailing on the Wind in 2012 and was looking forward to dinner. Unfortunately service was slow and the food not quite as excellent. We did not know if this was a unusual night or simply that things had changed. La Terraza had been our favorite dinner venue in 2012.

Night cap in the lounge, a restful night and on to Corfu!

Video of the Olympia Archaeological Museum - Visited 14 May 2014


Arriving Katakolon
Archaeological Museum
Palaestra sign
Gymansium area
Temple of Zeus
Lion Heads
Temple of Zeus
Lion Heads from the temple
Temple of Zeus
Temple of Zeus
Stadium Entry
Carey - Philippeion
Randy - Philippeion



Pre-cruise posts

Katakolo (Greek: Κατάκολο) is a seaside town in the municipality of Pyrgos in western Elis, Greece. It is situated on a headland overlooking the Ionian Sea and separating the Gulf of Kyparissia from the rest of the Ionian. It is 11 km west of downtown Pyrgos. The small village of Agios Andreas lies northwest of Katakolo. A railway connects Katakolo with Pyrgos and Olympia, but along with the rest of the rail network in the Peloponnese, services have been suspended since 2011 for economic reasons.

The port of Katakolo is a popular stop for cruise ships, offering an opportunity for passengers to visit the site of Ancient Olympia. Low hills with forests surround Katakolo. The lighthouse of Katakolo was built in 1865. One of the most important sites of Katakolo is the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology.

The Museum of the Ancient Greek Technology revives 350 amazing inventions of the ancient Greeks (from the robot - servant of Philon to the "cinema" of Heron and from the hydraulic clock of Archimedes to the analog computer of Antikythera) covering the period from 2000 B.C. up to the end of the ancient Greek world. It is the most authoritative and complete exhibition of its kind in the world. The Museum of the Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys revives 42 ancient Greek musical instruments and many ancient Greek toys accompanied by detailed descriptions and diagrams. It is the most authoritative and complete exhibition of its kind in the world. (From Wikipedia)

Ancient Olympia

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What We Plan to See: Updated 26 January 2014

We scheduled our excursion for Olympia. As the site is away from the port we decided it would be best to take the ship's tour to ensure we have no time issues while in port! Below is the excursion description from the Silversea website:

Olympia & the Archaeological Museum

May 14 2014 - 4 Hours

Discover the treasures of Ancient Greece during this scenic, half-day visit to Ancient Olympia and the Archaeological Museum.

Ancient Olympia and Temple of Zeus
Depart the pier for the approximate 40-minute drive through rolling hills and olive groves en route to Ancient Olympia. Located in the middle of a fertile valley near the Alphios and Kladhios rivers, the site was a sanctuary even before the Olympic Stadium was built, and the games took place in the sacred area known as 'Altis'. The area's most imposing monument was the outstanding Temple of Zeus. It housed the gold-and-ivory statue of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Walking Tour and Olympia Stadium
Upon arrival, take a walking tour through the excavated remains of Ancient Olympia, one of the world's greatest archaeological achievements and the birthplace of the Olympic Games in 776 B.C. The Temple of Hera, Prytaneion and Philippeion were also monuments that stood in this sacred grove. The famous Olympia Stadium was the largest of its day, and had a capacity of 45,000 spectators. It is entered through a long, tunnel-like passage constructed during Roman times.

Archaeological Museum and Olympia Village
Next, proceed on-foot for a visit to the nearby Archaeological Museum. Among the wonderful excavated finds on display is the Head of Hera, the superb statue of Hermes by Praxiteles, ornaments from the Temple of Zeus and the helmet of Miltiades. Afterward, re-board your coach for the brief drive to the village of Olympia, where some time is made available to explore the area at your leisure. Relax with a beverage or browse the various souvenir shops before commencing the approximate 40-minute return drive to the pier.



Absolute is a tour to Ancient Olympia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a tour through the cruise line, and hopefully they will have it for our cruise, that includes Ancient Olympia, Temple of Zeus, Walking Tour and Olympia Stadium, Archaeological Museum and Olympia Village. Sounds like the perfect tour for us!






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