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Cruise Critic

Chat Board and Information for the cruise audience.   Great source of information about ships, ports, and helpful hints.



Silversea is our preferred cruise line choice now! We've taken 3 cruises (1 was 2 cruises back to back) on the Silver Wind and loved the experience. In 2015 we will go on the Silver Spirit which is a little larger than the Wind, but still under 600 passengers. We expect to enjoy the same wonderful cruise.


Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America official site - great for finding the perfect itinerary.  Once you are booked, you can schedule and pre-pay shore excursions, set up your dining ties, do your immigration forms online.


Texas Wines

Texas is developing quite a reputation in the wine market.  Some very good wines are grown and bottled just an hour from here! We went to Becker Vineyards in July 05.  Discovered Grape Creek Vineyard in 2010 and then Pedernales Cellars in June 2011. Wines are excellent from any of these vineyards.


Web Design

A number of people who visit our website have commented that they really like the designs in our site.  I can't take credit other than I've become very good at locating artists who share their web designs and layouts.  There are some really great web design artists.  I don't have a "favorite" as I find something pretty, unusual or visually interesting from many different designers.  I also change the page designs throughout the year when I update.  I place a credit on the page at the bottom with a link to the artist's site.  If you are interested in web design layouts here are some excellent sites. You may find some of these sites are no longer active as small artists seem to be unable to maintain. However I have many of the graphics saved so they still deserve the credit for their work.




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